Reach your health goals

Our wellness coaches can help you quit smoking, lose weight, sleep better, and so much more. And the best part — wellness coaching is 100% covered by most plans.

Our wellness coaches can help you

Weight Loss

Lose weight

We have several programs that are designed to help you get active and shed some unwanted pounds. Our Weight Management Journey program can help you lose weight and maintain healthier habits for  long-term success. Aim for Change teaches healthy eating and nutrition basics. 

Quit Smoking

Quit smoking

Whether it’s cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, or vaping, our How to Be Tobacco-Free program can help you quit for good. Our coaches will be in your corner throughout the entire process by helping you prepare, set a quit date, and maintain healthy habits into the future.

Reach Health Goals

Reach health goals

Our coaches can review your health assessment and create a personalized plan for improving your health. They can also help connect you to the right community programs and services available through your health plan.

Balance Stress

Balance stress

The Daily Steps to Less Stress program teaches you practical techniques to recognize and manage stress. Plus, since stress and sleep problems are often related, our Time to Sleep Well program can help eliminate the things that are preventing you from getting a good night’s rest.

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